Prieto Pariente is a new wine project initiated and led by the enthusiasm and commitment of Martina and Ignacio Prieto Pariente, third generation of winemakers, and supported by the complicity and experience of the second generation.

The core of this new journey is something as old as the practice of winemaking in our land, that is, the expression of the origin through the search and selection of the oldest vineyards in our region.

We strongly believe in a sustainable viticulture, and in respecting the roots.

Difference, territory and selection define the project of Prieto Pariente.
We identify ourselves with names like Castille and Leon, Valladolid, the paramos of the North Plat-eau of Spain, and the mineral hillsides of Cebreros and Bierzo that enclose our region.

Our aim with Prieto Pariente is to create wines with unique personalities, that provide a distinctive character and with a profile of freshness and complexity.

Our labeled line Páramos de Valladolid consist of two multi varietal red wines; El Origen de Prieto Pariente and Prieto Pariente. The grapes of these two wines come from vineyards in different wine-making areas of the province. We have strategically selected the vineyards, and blended them in or-der to obtain unique and elegant wines.

Additionally, we have found a small hidden vineyard of Viognier in the Paramos of Valladolid, and of these vines aimed to make an aromatic wine with volume and body.

We invite you to join us in this new adventure.


Martina and Ignacio Prieto Pariente